Protecting our planet starts with You and Us, together!

We know we are not pioneers in sustainability and to be honest, we don’t do much at the moment to be considered an environmentally responsible brand.

Of course we are aware that the textile industry has a negative impact on the environment due to its heavy water consumption and affects the climate. Climate change is the defining issue of our time that calls for action.

Therefore, we are constantly curious about following a more environmentally friendly path and determined to take up more responsible habits, starting step by step. We put all our efforts into changing everyday things, such as printing less in the office, recycling more and cycling to work rather than driving.

At the same time, we are doing our best to minimise our footprint on the planet and strive to produce more garments in organic cotton, while searching out for more responsible solutions in materials and fabrics.

What we have learnt throughout the years is that in terms of delivery and shipping, returns have a big negative impact on the climate. This is because of the excessive CO2 emissions caused by the transportation of the items back and forth from the warehouse to the customer which are the primary driver of global climate change.

We try our best to keep you satisfied with your purchase, but we understand that sometimes this cannot be the case. You are always welcome to return a product if it does not suit you or your requirements and we will make sure to exchange it with another one or refund it.

However, we have put a lot of effort into creating detailed size guides that you can refer to prior to your order so as to reduce returns. Moreover, we are always willing to help you find the right item for you from the beginning and provide you with realistic pictures – just like every picture uploaded on our website.

So, this is us encouraging you to think twice when it comes to adding to your cart two or three sizes of the same dress, for home-fitting.

Something as simple as that will make a big difference. And you can be part of it!

You can refer to our size charts and use them to find the right size for you in order to avoid returns.

For any further help, you can always contact our customer service.