Quality is an essential part of our design.

We know that you love wearing your favourite clothing pieces over and over again. And that’s part of our mission, too. That’s why our designers handpick all our fabrics and materials to make sure that all MILK Copenhagen garments are made to last and are easy to care for.

Designing durable and long-lasting clothes is one of our traits that we take pride in, however we recommend that you don’t wash them every time you wear them – both for the longevity of the garments but also for the impact washing has on the environment.

For the manufacturing process of our clothes, we always choose to collaborate with high quality partners around the world that comply with social responsibility codes– ethics, environmental conservation, labor practices.  

By 2021, our goal is to produce more garments in organic cotton, while searching out for more responsible solutions in materials and fabrics.

We have also taken a big step forward by having some of our fabrics certified with the STANDARD 100 label by OEKO-TEX®, which means that they have been tested for harmful substances and they are 100% harmless for human health. From the coating and the stitching to the zipper and buttons, they can be trusted and worn without any hesitation or fear.  

Our journey for more sustainable methods has just begun.

We constantly strive to improve our clothes’ quality, by adopting a more and more responsible approach and hearing our customers’ requirements in order to do better and live up to their expectations.

And in order to do so, feel free to give us your feedback on our clothes’ qualities and share your experience with MILK Copenhagen on Trustpilot.