The Christmas decorations are lit, there are baubles and clementines for free use, and all around among the samples and latest styles you will find signs that Christmas is approaching.

In MILK, the Christmas barometer scores 10.

Chris Rea's “Driving home for Christmas” crisp tones flow out of the computer's speakers, and the atmosphere is a little more relaxed, because WE LOVE DECEMBER!

But we also need some Christmas spirit after a rather "uphill year"!

Corona has left its mark, and we all agree that 2020 will be a year we will remember. And that even though we all mostly want to forget that we didn't come to the Skanderborg Festival, that we had to cancel our long-planned vacation, and that we haven't dared to visit great-grandmother in the nursing home for ages.

Our otherwise normally legendary Christmas lunch has also been cancelled, but we are keeping our spirits high, because Corona or not, Christmas is just around the corner, and it must therefore be as close to "caring" as possible.

In reality, it might just get an extra tooth on the hygge accelerator, because the traditional large family gatherings have for the most part been cancelled, and instead replaced by HYGGE at home on the sofa wearing his favorite lax-dapper hoodie, with his favorite series on the remote, while the kids playing with their new toys.

In MILK, all the girls have announced that they will be living in their Darla sweat dress between Christmas and New Year.

On the other hand, we are also all affected by a little fashionista and on Christmas Eve it just needs to be gassed with nice dresses with frills and details for mother and daughter and cool and comfy styles for son.

Here, 3 of our team members share their (and the children's) Christmas outfit.

Our sourcing and product manager Signe's delicious loose fit choice for Christmas Eve.


My stomach is growing, because, guess what, Vilma is going to be the big sister. So my choice of the Christmas outfit has also been focused on not being too tight and that I can still use the clothes with a growing belly.

The Diana shirt dress is super beautiful with embroidery anglaise, and I can wear it both summer and winter. It can be easily styled with jeans or leggings or bare legs for summer.

I am also absolutely in love with the new Klio trousers in burgundy and brown checks and not least the elasticated waist. I will use them a lot with a denim shirt or a t-shirt.


When I first saw the Hala leather shirt I was completely sold. I just had to own it! It's just the right mix of raw in leather and fine with ruching details on the sleeves at the same time.

For Christmas, I want to style the shirt with a pair of slightly raw trousers in the form of Iben Leopard trousers grrr..

Both parts can be easily dressed up and down afterwards. The Hala shirt with a pair of jeans and a pair of sneakers for work or with a pencil skirt and stilettos for a party.

The leopard trousers will look great with a nice plain knit for everyday use or a cool shirt if you're going out with your husband, girlfriend or colleagues.

Pia, our communications and marketing freelancers, beautiful outfit for Christmas

Albert, Pia's 9-year-old son, has chosen this super cool set and added some extra boy gear


Albert absolutely loves the soft green Kashmir Sports Chinos . They are nice to wear and both sporty and boyish, so just something to his taste.

Actually, he mostly likes hoodies, but on Christmas Eve he can be persuaded to wear the Fabian shirt over a t-shirt. He thinks this bright Egon t-shirt is super cool with the big city names on it.

He loves to tell that he has been to 3 of the cities (New York, Berlin and Copenhagen) and that he intends to visit the rest as soon as possible. Pretty lucky that we have a money tree in the garden ik';-)


Despite Mynthe's 3 years, she is super aware of what she wants to wear, and to that extent also what she doesn't want to wear. It must be a dress with trousers underneath – not tights!

She absolutely loves Liva leggings in a leopard pattern, and asks almost every day if she can wear them in kindergarten, even though we have agreed that they will only be worn on Christmas Eve.

The Barbara dress in light blue is also approved, together with the Victoria vest . She already has the Barbara dress in the yellow dotted version and it is simply so nice on her.

The mother (meaning me) is completely obsessed with the vest. She will use it a lot in the nursery on the cold days, when it can keep her warm.

Mynthe, aged 3, will have such a nice Christmas Eve. She loves to dress up, so glitter must be added in the form of nail polish and children's make-up.

Sara, our design manager, has chosen this beautiful set, which can easily be dressed up and down afterwards


I myself have chosen the Bara dress with the fine floral pink print and the Vicky vest . The Bara dress is the same cut as Mynthe's Barbara dress and I think it's such a cool set.

And then Mynthe loves when we match a little.

I already wear the vest quite often over a shirt in the office. And I will wear the dress all spring over a pair of jeans and my chunky boots.

I have chosen our deliciously soft Lucca Jeans to wear under the dress. They are super delicious to wear, even when the Christmas dinner is over;-) and with a few cool stilettos, I'm dressed up for Christmas.

This was our take on some delicious sets for Christmas and if you want to match with your daughters, there are plenty of delicious options with our Me & Mini me collection here.

We would also like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to all of you for this, in every way, different year.

Thank you so much for all your likes, comments and support throughout the year. We love our customers and what we do, and really appreciate you being there for us!

We wish you a very merry Christmas and a festive and colorful New Year.