Welcome to MILK Copenhagen,

We are a small ambitious team with a great passion for creating everyday clothes for women, aged 25-55. Our mission is to create high quality fashion clothing at reasonable prices that can be worn season after season. We want to reach out broadly and therefore make use of influencers of all ages, sizes and heights. We love to be at eye level with our customers, and believe that live shopping i.a. is an opportunity to create contact with our customers. In addition, we regularly hold warehouse sales, where we love to welcome our many loyal customers and let them feel the clothes.

MILK Copenhagen has 15 years behind it and over the years has been through several owners, style changes and concepts. We are based in Aarhus C o


You won't find our designs anywhere else but here. All our styles and prints are created in-house by our designer, who gets his inspiration from Scandinavian city life. We started MILK Copenhagen with the idea of ​​adding prints and fun details to our clothes, but we have recently gone in a different direction. Our design vision has become more minimalist and is now defined by essential styles that can be mixed and matched for everyday use, based on streamlined shapes and colors. We care about high quality and we firmly believe that simplicity is key. What we design from time to time depends on the needs of the season as well as the functional needs of everyday women and children. That is why we have succeeded in creating core products such as shirts and dresses that can be worn through most seasons. We don't consider ourselves trendsetters, but we follow our hearts to create clothes that you will love and wear again and again. In doing so, we have an underlying sustainable way of thinking, as we do not base our clothes on individual collections and seasons.


Quality is an essential part of our design. Our designer is very focused on hand-picking the best materials to ensure that MILK Copenhagen's clothes have a long shelf life. Designing durable and durable clothing is one of the focus areas we take the most pride in. For the manufacturing process of our clothing, we always choose to collaborate with high-quality partners around the world who adhere to the codes of social responsibility - ethics, environmental protection, working methods. In 2024, our goal is to produce more clothing in organic cotton, and we are also looking for more responsible solutions in materials and metered goods. Our journey towards more sustainable and responsible methods has just begun. We constantly strive to improve our quality by applying a responsible approach and by listening to our customers' requirements and opinions. You are welcome to give us your feedback about our design, qualities and share your experience with MILK Copenhagen on Trustpilot.



Our thinking is simple. Figuring out what to wear doesn't have to be a struggle.

Our goal is to make women of all shapes and sizes feel stylish and comfortable in the clothes we design - every single day. We want to give you the best shopping experience with quality clothes at good prices. In addition, we attach great importance to the environment, and try to become more and more sustainable when we buy materials from our suppliers - You will therefore be able to find sustainable styles in our collection, where there is up to 100% recycled polyester.